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Competition Race School

The IMG Competition Race School is designed for drivers with previous on-track experience in track days, HPDEs, or Time Trials to earn their racing stripes through a two-day event full of classrooms, on-track exercises, and practice races. Drivers who successfully complete the program are eligible for an IMG Novice Race License.

School Format

IMG Race Schools start with classroom sessions led by one or more experienced race school instructors. These classrooms cover the art and theory involved in racing in a competitive wheel to wheel environment, and teach you what you need to know to execute passes, go side by side with a car, handle traffic, and start a race.

Then it's on to the track for a slew of hands-on exercises designed to help you put theory into practice in a safe, controlled environment. Our race instructors will work with you as you practice making safe passes, drive side-by-side with other racers, and learn the finer points of race starts.

IMG Race Instructors work with you throughout the day to help you get you up to speed. Racers who successfully complete the race school will earn a Novice Race License and their ticket to Go Racing.

Novice Race License holders who continue to demonstrate safe, clean racing at IMG Sprint and Endurance races will advance to a Provisional Race License then an Advanced Race License. IMG Advanced Race Licenses are recognized by many organizations, such as the SCCA (for Regional competition).

Participation Requirements

As the on-track exercises in the Race School involve driving under real racing conditions, you will need a
race car with full race-ready safety equipment and safety gear. This includes:

The following safety gear:

  • A proper fitting full face helmet rated Snell SA2005 or SA2010
  • A full driving suit, two layer Nomex or equivalent fireproof material
  • Fireproof driving gloves and socks
  • Nomex or equivalent balaclava to cover any exposed hair

A racecar with the following equipment:

  • A 6+ point cage conforming to the IMG Race Rules and Regulations
  • 10BC fire extinguisher or fire system
  • Race seat with seat back brace or FIA Certification
  • 5pt, 6pt, or 7pt racing harness with current SFI or FIA certification
  • Window net or arm restraints

And these forms:

Please read through the IMG Race Rules and Regulations for a detailed list of requirements.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the race school or for any questions about the school, contact
IMG Director Charlie Greenhaus at: or 570.682.9666

Our next race school is on September 28-29 at Pocono Raceway. Don't wait to sign up!