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Who's Coming to the 2013 IMG Winter Party?

Here's the list of confirmed attendees, and what they'll be bringing.

If you aren't on this list or if you know what you'll be bringing, please send Charlie an email at as soon as you can.

Name Is Bringing Staying Over?
Alex Lowmaster and Arielle Faust Spritz Cookies
Andrew Kissinger & Guest Mini Crab Cakes & Mac and Cheese, courtesy of Kissinger’s family Restaurant
Andrew Smith & Jan Saladino Homemade Salsa & Chips
Andy & Molly Rose Yoon Kimchi & Kimchijeon w Rice
Bob and Caroline Beck Tuna Casserole
Cally Kruger Spinach dip & Lots of veggies for dipping
Charles Turano Chips & Dip
Chris Tyrell and Judy Neff Sausage and Peppers
Christopher Eng Peculiar Ales + something else (TBA)
Cheryl & Ed Zebrowski + Jim Locke Assorted Breads Yes
Christopher Hansel TBA Yes
Dianne Yaunches Layered Dip
Don & Ann Walsh Hot Dogs & Sauerkraut
Edwin Robinson & Amy TBA
Ginny & Dave Bretzman Clam Dip
Jeff and Beth Spirko Big Crock of Chili
Jeff Ellner Rugelach
Jeff Moran Shrimp Platter
John Walsh Lemongrass Beef Skewers Yes
Jon Coffin Loaded Tuna Mac Salad Yes
Mark Rounds Dessert Pastries
Martin Szwarc & Niki Schlett Poppy Seed Cake + Hot Spinach Dip
Mike Mclaughlin Lasagna Yes
Oleg Pudeyev Pelmeni
Paul Levine Marinated Skirt Steak
Ralph Michener & Mirza Burgos Thai Curry Puffs
Rob & Jean Myles TBA
Robert & Chris Webb Homemade Cheesecake
Roger Maeda Mystery Seafood Appetizer
Steve Hanford Famous Carribean Chicken Stew
Tim Stehr and Barb Feudale Assorted beers of a snobbish variety
Thomas Gartlan Striped Bass Crab Dip
Travis Snyder Homemade Apple Pie
Zephyr Belski TBA

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